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Man this would've fucked me up as a kid. What a scary fucking sight.

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- Fluids being randomly hurting or non hurting. One map green shit hurts, next map it's just like water. Retarded fucking bullshit. Have some hint at least you fuckos.

- Pain elementals when you don't have ssg, plazma or chaingun.

- No monsters above demons or chaingunners as if wad is trying to be the godlike TNT:E

- Hoards of revenants to be shot from rl or circle'n'ssged

- Fucking small objects around when you're fighting arch-ville, cyberdemon, mastermind or a bunch of revenants - like bushes. Retarded fucking shit. Whoever does this must feel really clever, and special. Autistic cocksuckers.

- Doom 2 city skyboxes - the ugliest and most nausiating fucking
things in existance before big handed square-jawed transes became a thing. It's literally 5x5 pixels of fire, smoke and cement stretched two hundred times.

- Places where you can't see enemies high above and they just hit-scan you.

- Lifts that drop you right to hit-scanners so you immediately get shot.

- Hoards of hit-scanners round the corner when you don't have rl.

- Hit-scanners behind illusory walls.

- Hit-scanners.

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> That said, if he wants to play Classic styled Doom on his modern console he should look at Classic Complete, less censored and has more content.
> modern console
I'm guessing you've inferred from my mentioning of graphics that I was talking about better resolution which is relevant with big TV - and I was, but why would anyone play FPS on a console, unless it's an exclusive? I just play on PC using TV.

How is CC less censored and what exclusive content does it have?

Hell on Earth is the name of the original Doom 2 campaign. Obviously BFGE has it, along with No Rest for the Living.

Also how do I gain access to Master Levels in Doom 2?

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