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>more streaming cloud shit
I'm sick to my stomach

this is how modding dies

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good lord

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I'm both annoyed and relieved that they didn't even consider using Crash for the movie.

In one hand, our girl needs more love
but they would probably make her into a really bland character because nobody can write for shit in current year

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I dont think you can be resetera approved if you dont completely denounce the Postal devs for being literal nazis or whatever

he even completely glossed over the Milo cameo, he was like "Ok Milo thrives in attention so I'd rather not address it"

keep in mind those people flipped out completely when GOG tweeted the games journalism tombstone

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awful but i love it

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>when I could honestly spending more time working on my own maps.
And I get and understand that, but unfortunately; in order for me to help you (and belive me, I want to help you work on your own maps and not be judged for it, I want to like and respect you, help you out and give a second hand for something that overwhelms me, whilst taking the work-load off of you), but unfortunately, mutual symbiosis cannot occur if the parties cannot properly connect.

So, why don't I be YOUR slave for a while to prove that I'm not joking, and that what I've saying since the get-go isn't all about me; It's all about EVERYONE and how I can help EVERYONE with what they're working on, and improve at their own works.

Sorry man. I just figured and thought people would understand what I meant and where I was coming from; Hell as a vision forever is imagined by me as DOOM's depiction; Yes, it's a hellish, demonic place; but it's also an amazing place to explore, tour and visit, for those who just think Heaven is pretty boring with just white clouds, golden gates, and the like.

That's why I wanna help, man. I wanna see what you're having issues with, take your hands off of that problem for a while, and see if I can't help come to a solution with a fresh pair of eyes that makes us say "Oh my god, so THAT'S what you meant/how you did that? Now it all makes sence and I feel stupid for not getting it/etc."

Like, Back in JOM4, I knew there was going to be a lot of newer mappers, Since I had no real skill, I felt that Episode 4 would of been the best, and since my map was set at E4M3, I figured I'd try and help other people out in the same episode, so they had somebody to assist, unlike what I lacked in my JOM3 submission and really wished I had, One-On-One Help and discussion. I shouldn't of done that, but I thought I was helping other newblood mappers get better at something they had an infatuation with; at the loss of my own map's quality, exploiting my greif & duty

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>edgy fanart of [character i like] killinh [character i don't like]

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Delete this

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>He's also drawing all the dimes.
the fuck means that?

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>tfw no muscle oni gf to fight demons with

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Give me all your Doom reactions.

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That would be because of Quake 2 probably.

Better way of solving this perdicament and its good for monsters too is to give explosives a 2 stage A_Explode. Depends on how high you want the damage to go but this is what my anti-tank rocket launcher did (besides 100-250 direct hit damage)


That way just like a real life explosive without fragmentation it Hurts you if you're inside the blast radius, but its not going to fuck you up major unless you're right next to it.
Meanwhile make sure to turn it into a FastProjectile and make it radius/height 1 so that you're not going to clip anything with it (since that doesnt actually make sense IRL).

Speaking of which I want to see a feature in a game that when you hit something at a shallow angle with a Rocket the rocket wont explode, instead it ricochets like a skipped stone. That angle could be pretty wide too, like as much as 15 degrees.
> we need to minimize aiming at footwear gentlemen

About the only thing that might make it right is if its a bbq pizza with some sriracha sauce... but then again im not touching that combination either (unless it has roasted baby onions on it, in which case ill pick off the pineapple and eat it separately, since having the sauces stuck on it does kinda make them okay).

Pizza needs to have meaty/cheesy/veggie type flavors, not sweet shit. Canadian Bacon might seem sweet but that is an unintended focus (and its not that sweet anyway, its an acceptable amount). Regardless of tomatoes being a fruit they are NOT sweet, at least not after they come out of the oven.

I suspect pineapple came onto pizza as a result of flaming gay fucks pondering what they could do to make things worse in the world. There were already people who put pineapple on kebabs and this is wrong as well, but then they must've thought since pizza is cooked as well then that had to be tried too.

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>>Pain Elementals shooting Mini cacos that grow into full Cacos within one minute
>A giant pain elemental that spits out regular pain elementals
>Lost souls that spit out pain elementals that act like lost souls
>Lost souls that explode on impact

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> trying to be this cringey
> not knowing where he is

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Q2 weapons were more like copies of Doom weapons, except the machinegun was like doom's chaingun, and the q2chaingun was a +1 to it.

I also played Q1 after I played Q2 just because I kinda forgot about Q1 existing, found it on an ftp server and grabbed it.

(so, I remember playing quake 1 for the longest time without any of the cd music whatsoever, I didnt experience the quake 1 music until last year, I kid you not... I wasn't aware that it was on the disk as pure cd audio)

I loved Q2 more than 1 however because the graphics were better, textures often seemed to be higher res, and the particles were abit finer. This criticism being levied about a game which was basically only 1 year older than its predecessor.

Im all into the sci-fi genre, back then at least, and Q2's art style and design choices still get a thumbs up with me till this day.

Q1 was just... different thats all. The grimdark atmosphere? Well actually I think Doom should have had an even more grim atmosphere than it did, many of the textures were just too flatly shaded and the palette didnt cater to really dark colors all that well (a few shades of brown is what it narrowed down to). Quake's art direction was an improvement over Doom.

The problem with Both of these games is despite their 3d demonstrator value they didn't invest much in Sprite Based special effects.

Quake 2's explosions SUCK. And the sound effects for them were rather flat and uninteresting too. Q1 did a much better job by using the sprite, and the gutsy sound effect for it (however they should have had alternate explosion sprite styles, such as for the vore firepod, and anything that explodes big like a large canister).

> Quake 1 did fuck up on its explosion particles. In mimicing shrapnel they should start out high speed then slow down, and disappear. Instead for some reason explosion sparks accelerate as they fly away.

Both games fucked up MAJOR by not having Sprite Based muzzle flashes on their weapons.

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Can anyone name this mapset? it had
2 episodes, the first one was in a regular techbase and the other was in an arctic techbase. the first map had a large water plant section and lasers you had to disable, and an explosive wall near the end. There was an also an optional weapon set, Anyone know what i'm talking about?

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>they were literally and unironically making Call of Doom: Pure OutRage just like the memes before people starting leaving and Bethesda had to tell them they had to get their shit together

jesus christ how did they lack so much self-awareness to go years in development not knowing that the key was just to gotta go fast while not being full Serious Sam-tier in slaughterfests

I hate the word "Cinematic" so much in video games, if I wanted something """Cinematic""" I'd watch a movie, it should have been all about the gameplay

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>"E2M2 is one of the biggest levels so far"
This isn't looking too good...

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sigh, it's THIS guy again

every time

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that gif looks like a scene from event horizon, right down to the ripped off eyeballs


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