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BD Lite gets a new update


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>it never happened with duke where everyone got buff and started spouting one liners or with blood where people started practising witchcraft

People are still spouting Duke's one liners but most of them are from TV series and movies.DNF made most fans lose complete interest in any new entry.

With Blood,the second game killed the franchise and the owners have don't want to release a new game because they're dickheads.

Yeah it's bad when they say that while they've never played the played the originals and I'll admit:I started with D44M,same happened with a lot of people who started with Doom 3 and YET still got interest in the series as a whole.
As long as we get new fans who get to play the originals at some point,it will surely be for the better.

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You have installed the restoration project and all that yes?
It's practically mandatory.

I played a melee weapons/unarmed/can't remember character. A bit redundant on the first two but it was really fun anyway just dosing up on psycho, running into the middle of a huge mob and beating the shit out of everything.

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You shouldn't really make huge changes to it, no. A full overhaul may as well just be a new map learning the lessons you have learned
Oh yeah, I didn't see any texture alignment issues so that's a plus too.

Submit for critique, see where it goes. Then apply stuff to new project. Otherwise you'll end up like those artists who work on the same painting for years.

Are you that guy who just can't shut up about how much he hates Brutal Doom and Mark?
We get it, he's a total eccentric and you're bothered by his racism or some other bullshit I don't have the energy to care about anymore and am annoyed at you trying to recruit others into joining your e-mob (then you report everybody who calls you on it, don't lie you do this).

Just fly over there and have sex with him already. HDoom guy can even make a level on it.

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Which one of these mods should I stick with anons? I like the ones that still try to keep balance and play with any monster packs.
I've played these:
-Flakes Doom
-Highway to Hell
-High Noon Drifter
-Heretical Doom
-Combined Arms

I want to keep only one of these.

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