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Hexen good

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Found another one.

Hexen 2 - PSP homebrew


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Imagine being so stupid you can't figure out video games that were made over two decades ago. You're still thinking about how to outsmart the enemies themselves and not the jackass that placed them. You're never gonna make it at this rate.

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Pretty great game, one of my favorite FPS's. I find the combat is way more satisfying than Heretic. All the enemies feel bullet-spongey in that game. All you need in Hexen is one or two hammer hits and they're dead.
And of course the puzzley nature makes it stand out, it just feels different from standard Doom-clone key hunting. Some of the level design / puzzles are bullshit I must admit though.
Hexen 2 is fantastic as well. Kind of like Quake compared to Doom, there are fewer enemies but they're beefier and more threatening. Even the Archer grunts can fuck you up if you're not dodging and crouching to avoid their arrows. I like how the puzzles are less arbitrary switch hunts and more like actual puzzles, even if again a couple are just bullshit. And the art is fantastic, just goes to show the Quake engine doesn't have to be brown.
Nah mate. Ive played it on both sourceports and the original DOS (well, through DOSBOX, but you know). It always gives at least some sort of hint on where a door opened.

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>finally try out hexen after being put off by the tales of nightmarish switch hunting
>try out mage thinking he'll have some badass arcane magics
>start off with a water gun
>first new attack is the lamest shit

Damn that. We fighter now. This is much better. The switch hunting isn't too bad so far, I just finished the swamp area of the Shadow Wood. My memory is good so I have a good idea of what to backtrack to and where things were when I saw them. This first person platforming over instant death falls is fucking horrible though. I have to save scum for this shit after every jump. What were they thinking?

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out of what i've played, not considering mods
>system shock 1
>shadow warrior
>descent 2
>doom 64
>descent 1
>solider of fortune
>doom 2/final doom
>rise of the triad (shareware)
>blake stone planet strike
>star wars dark forces
>quake 2
ambitious but not good enough:
>terminator future shock/skynet
the hall of disappointment:
>system shock 2
>rise of the triad (full game)
>wolfenstein 3D
>chex quest
>in pursuit of greed
>blake stone
>redneck rampage
>pie in the sky 3d games
>corridor 7
>nitemare 3d
so bad it's good:
>exploding lips
so bad it's bad:
>dr. radiaki
>island peril
>nerves of steel
>slob zone
burning the box would be more enjoyable:
>operation bodycount
>extreme paintbrawl

i need to play more late-90s stuff, there's way too many trash wolf3d clones on that list

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the one that's actually had an update in the past two years

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>>GMOTA_Guy isn't in but is planned to release when he's done

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>killing two revenants with three SSG shots

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>not Sunslut

Missed oportunity tbbqh

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Sure is PIDF in here.

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>it's an 3DGE mod

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Caldera was one of my favorites on native Hexen. Source ports didn't run it perfectly, if I remember right. Still worth checking out, if only for the laughable Korax impression.


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