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I played through it. Aesthetically, it looks all right, with only a few nitpicks. I played on HMP, even though I usually play on UV, and I still found the map's difficulty to be brutal, especially at the end.

High point of the map is definitely the room with the super shotgun -- I thought that was pretty well done, even if the ceiling trapped me at one point and I couldn't move or do anything. There was enough room to move around and kill the baddies, and having the super shotgun definitely helped. It looked nice, too, and was a fitting room to start throwing the more demonic enemies out. If I were to scrap the rest of the map, I would keep this room.

Low point was either the final room or the blue key room. I spent far too long in thee blue key room killing those revenants and was thoroughly fed up with them after the first group, and I sure as hell was fed up when I realized I had to do it three more times. Symmetry is nice, aesthetically, but predictable gameplay-wise. I would have liked at least one of those switches to do something other than raise platforms and summon six revenants. I didn't like that I had to keep making potshots with my chaingun or shotgun while avoiding those fucking seeker missiles, worrying all the while about whether or not I'd fall into the nukage. I think it might have been better with better weapons; at that point I only had the chainsaw, shotgun, and chaingun, none of which can quickly dispatch a revenant, let alone six at a time. I spent the majority of my hour or so playing in this room, and by that time, my patience had worn pretty thin.
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