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I kinda like the timeloop gimmick they're going for in Eternal, it's a neat way to make rebooting in Doom4 make sense. Though, does that now mean that this is the third time Doomguy has had to fight off demons on mars (first in the original and second as the ancient martian hero in Doom3's timeline)?

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That sparks some deep memory that I can't tell is real or not. I remember a video tutorial on mapping made by Wizardworks and I think it came with the Kill-A-Ton collection. I can't find it on Youtube so I'm not sure if I'm just imagining it.

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Ion Fury doesn't have the most imaginative arsenal, but fuck does it feel good to use. Can't wait for the inevitable IF weapon mod for Doom.
>mfw the shotgun firing sound

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I feel his maps turn out better when he sets his maps in more structured techbase themed levels, like Knee-Deep. Not to say I hate his hellish maps, it's just obviously not his forte.

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Okay I've got a pretty decent grasp at the basics of doom modding maybe I'll look under the hood of some prolific mods and--
Oh. There's so much shit going on here; I never knew.

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Reposting this:
How do I do the BFG grab trick on Perfect Hatred? I'm doing a pistol start on Ultra-Violence and this map is cleaning my clock.

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You posted the wrong song! Now this is perfection!

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brutal doom is both good and bad
it got people to play doom who wouldn't normally, but said players don't care about vanilla or other mods.

its funny that it eventually got so popular to cause drama in the doom community. you can even argue doom 4 is based on it.

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I can relate. how the hell do I stop playing this mod and try something else? I'm enjoying HD too much to care about other mods

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fair point, so what about the more straight-forward style wads with little secret-hunting necessary?
thanks m8s

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This is what i'm referring to btw.


Even if you do "Movebob 0" there's still this weird drunken wobbling when you walk.

It makes me feel a little woozy at times if I focus on it.

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>they used that satisfying weapon pick up sound from shadows of the empire
>those pistols
>especially the Plutonia revolver with the Serious Sam reload sound
>that three hit punch combo for the TNT set

Sweet christmas.

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How am I supposed to play Thy Flesh Consumed?

Right off the bat the level design feels completely different from that of the base game, and all these enemies teleporting around are fucking my shit up.

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Okay yeah you're right then.

I agree then that would be the best way to go about it.

>Come across a surviving researcher who is behind a window.
>A imp pulls them into a vent and blood spews out complete with screaming.

>Come across a random Marine in some dark corner.
>There's bodies of other non zombie marines and researchers around him + the typical demons.
>He fires upon you believing everyone to be against him.
>He has a datapad on him that describes his experiences since the demons emerged but eventually just descends into mad rambling.

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I feel that this election has brought the worst out of people. Shame to see Romero have this reaction.

I'm glad it's finally fucking over, good fucking lord.

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>tfw I know exactly what this map is for

now if only hdoom were as good as it

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To whatever console ... SNES, 3do, Saturn.

Duke3d for playstation, Hexen for any console.

SF2 World Warrior, TMNT1 and Paperboy to DOS.

Megarace to Sega CD.

Battletoads in battlemaniacs to Master System.

Double Dragon 1 or 2 to whatever.

#3 was worse, but they weren't even ports.

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That's a lovely gun

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I've started a list of recommendable wads on Google sheets, and I wanna post it here for you guys to have at, but 4chin seems to believe that the link is spam. Any ideas for how to pass the link along, guys?

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>You and the other anons of /doom/ are UAC marines on mars.

>Hell's gates have opened and every other marine that aren't /doom/ have turned into zombies on top of the demons pouring from the gates.

>The only survivors are all you shitlords from /doom/.
>Wat do?
>How do you fare?

I bet my entire life savings on us all dying a painful death.

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Just imagine the ammo usage

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