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And of course there are the ports. As a home player in a rural area you could amass a collection of arcade ports or rent them. It felt really special to have good versions of arcade games at home and I put hundreds of hours into various fighting games in the 90s and early 2000s via console ports. On the weekends you'd meet up with friends and have a showdown after each of you had practiced at home during the week. If a game was really popular you'd be able to go to several people's houses for match-ups and become king of the neighborhood.

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I want to say this. Never have I been so addicted to a game, even though I sucked at it.

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Who here played the shit out of Tekken 3?

I was pretty young when I first played it, but it was like a drug. I sucked at it, but that didn't matter. Before I got the game myself, I was so incredibly jealous of people who owned it, and tried to visit them every day.

>cool tier

>gay tier, aka the character nobody wanted

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Regardless of popular opinion, I will say tekken 3 is the best fighting game of all time. Sure you have the classics like asuka 120% burning festival, mugen, street fighter 2 turbo and mortal kombat but you want to know what sets tekken 3 apart? The grace of it. Yes, the grace that allows the combos to take time, the unspammable nature of the game is built into its core. The grace that accompanies side stepping and counter attacks most other fighting games lack (i will say mortal kombat deadly alliance comes close). But apart from that the realistic nature of the fighting. No spammable projectiles, million mile juggling unbreakable combos and so forth. Plus the characters are enjoyable to play and in most cases don't feel like you lose at fighter select.

Yes, Tekken 3: the best.

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DoA and VF got a limited ring in the first chapter, all the Tekken to Tag Tournament got a infinite ring... i consider Tekken a nice game but not so great how people say.

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So I played this on a ps3, but it was slow and floaty as hell. Is that normal? I remember it being solid as fuck. I'm on a PAL PS3, with a PAL disc of the game because that's where I am. Any ideas? It's confused me to shit

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only downside at the time was my boy Baek being replaced by Hwoarang

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The tekken force mode in this is so fucking hard. Any tips on how I can beat it?

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