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They're placeholders, aye, and so is the pickup sprite. I threw them together at the last minute before releasing, and I'm really hoping I can get replacements for them down the line. Maybe something much more armored and bulky, to add to the weight of the punches (and emphasize that you're in armor).
I was hoping to use the RTC-3057 punching sprites (pic related), but there's only a small set of them, the readme very explicitly forbids their use, and I wasn't able to get in contact with the creators for permission. Oh well!

And yes, it was buffed quite dramatically. The energy consumed on usage was reduced, the soul reduction over time is reduced, the damage on both the attacks was buffed, the damage resistance on the armor was buffed, and all landed punches are guaranteed stuns.

I'm still not 100% happy with the defensive capabilities, but I'll have to figure something out later.


It will. And yeah, I'm quite proud of that as well--it took quite a bit of finagling, but I think it really sets things apart right away and lets you know what kind of ride you're in for.


The pistol is supposed to be the sniper weapon of the batch. Nearly-pinpoint accuracy and decent punch, for fighting enemies at a great distance away, but you're not the only one that's saying it's not too remarkable.
Should I increase its damage or RoF some?

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