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I'm no /d/eviant but saying hdoom is /d/ is like saying putting lettuce on your triple Baconator is healthier eating.

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You can blame Scroton for the barrel thing, but I'll see if I can fix that. Thanks.

And the shorter radius/height is actually intentional. A smaller hitbox means the player is more difficult to hit and can dodge and weave through things--radius 12 puts the hitbox at the very, very edge of the default FoV, so as long as the projectile doesn't hit your field of view it'll pass through you.
Being able to pass through geometry is an unintentional side effect, but not much I can do to change it unless ProjectilePassWidth gets implemented in the engine. And even then, I'd need to wait for it to be backported to the Zandro engine!


Definitely, it's extremely chaotic. One of the big things I did when researching DemonSteele was play some old shmups and run-and-gun games--Raiden Fighters and Contra had a whole ton of bullets on the screen and I really liked how the player had to maneuver through them all. Unlike those two games, Doom's 3D plane means you can't actually see if projectiles are coming behind you, so this is rectified by making them slower and more accurate--so a player constantly moving and dodging will (most of the time) have them thud into the ground. The Archvile is especially blatant with this, since he's basically instant bullet hell, but all of his shots fire in a straight line.


They can definitely infight. Almost all enemy attacks spawn an explosion which guarantee pain and target-change. I don't like random "did this hit or not?", so I made it a guaranteed either-or thing. Either they get hit and change targets or they don't.
This also (like anon mentioned) ties into the double-edged sword of infighting--they'll kill each other for you, but it denies you souls/style if you don't actually kill them.
Depending on your playstyle and how cautious/aggressive you play, it can be beneficial or detrimental either way, and I think that's pretty cool.

Pic unrelated to anything.

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And even with all BD-exclusive features disabled, the game is still dramatically different from vanilla.
Not too long ago we were talking about the differences between the Brutal Cyber and the Vanilla Cyber, how the changes to the blue armor/cyberdemon/rocket launcher effectively rendered any long-range confrontation with him easy.

I mean, if you really like Brutal Doom and want to play with it, sure. I mean I'm not a fan but Lord knows we can like whatever, and only a faggot would go >2014 >still plyying brtutll dumbb
But it definitely IS very drastically different from vanilla.

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