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Wait, so it's just a source release for a remake?

They never release the source for console games!

Which I guess is understandable, often they're programmed in assembly anyway, so there's not all that much to release. And yet, take even something like Doom, ported to every platform, yet probably only the source for the linux version was released, WTF?

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It isn't. Doom on 3DO and Doom on Saturn (both more powerful than the 32X) have something to say to you.
Doom on SNES also runs at a hilariously low resolution and doesn't even render flats (the surface textures).

Doom 32X's biggest problems are
>no episode 3 levels at all
>lighting is massively simplified
>the music ranges from merely a lazy port of the DOS music to "who the fuck even let this happen"

and it shared a couple problems with pretty much all of the cartridge based ports like
>severely cut textures
>only 2/3rds of the game is there
>enemies can only face the player (major change that really affects the game a lot but saves a lot of space)

Really, Doom 32X is a completely average port for the time, especially considering the other Doom ports from around then.

>Why was the music so shit?
Rush job. Pic related for just how rushed.

the whole thing was a massive pile of miscommunication that Sega of Japan greenlit for some reason instead of saying no like they usually would

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What the hell is Doom's problem anyway?

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