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What this reminds me of are those russian gatling guns that use some of the propellant gas (think gas-operated) to spin the barrels. They achieve obscene fire rates like 9,500/min and it ramps up even faster than standard gatlings.

'Course narrowing the amount of gas that is siphoned off and having a proper governor on it could keep the fire rate at a manageable level. The way the SNG just immediatly rips away along with the meanness off it makes it entirely plausible. A simpler way to do a minigun.
> heavy armor piercing flechettes like the nails being fired would produce quite abit of recoil even at a low velocity, so the fire rate would have to be kept about where it is

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at least it isnt broken though, despite the damage its a good way to end up dead before the level is over (the +100 health is often wasted due to bumping into the berserk or you're just not hurt at the time and you want the buff).

No what this allows me to do personally is use the RL on alot of things I dont want to waste my time on, like Barons and Cacos. And use the Chaingun on all the small fries because when I run out of bullets I just berserk punch until I find more ammo boxes.
> Berserk is unironically the best tool for dispatching a stampede of pinkies because they get even less chance to bite you than with the chainsaw and you can usually punch your way out of a corner to stay mobile.

Fuck I wish Doom 1 had Mancubus's now. Thats the one death machine that would have balanced out the whole set, especially without that SSG to take it out. We could say D1/UD could have been better with all of the doom 2 monsters but the fatso would have inspired terror above and beyond what the Baron does in the first game.
> mfw if you wanted to add an archvile you could dual-purpose the Baron Of Hell and say that as a master of hell he has these spells and can resurrect demons, so that he isnt just a slow moving hit point truck.
> and also possibly use archvile's spontaneous combustion on you too

If you turn Zombiemen into Rapid Fire Troopers or give them the same behavior it gets rid of the need for a chaingunner or arachnotron. Always felt they should fire a volley of 3 shots rapid anyway.

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