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When the rules change you'll be eating those words anons.

>too bad just ignore the newer retro gens the same way post 2000 games made on pre2k consoles were to be ignored :^)

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dude the 1990s have ended

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Only if you make money.

That's how the capitalism cookie crumbles.

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He falcon punched her box to bits, turned it into a vagina fire. He dick kicked her cervix and dropped a load all over her ovaries. He's got the moves.

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>I wish I wasa kid with a 486 and a SB

whats keeping you?

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>that feeling when you pressed enter and the soundblaster starts farting and graphics appear

all of dos era was beautiful and creepy at the same time if you were impressionable

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- 28
- M
- I don't see myself as a serious collector but I've been buying older stuff more frequently in the past 3 years or so
- PSX, it was the system I really grew up on
- DC
- Doom
- I use 4chan way less than I used to back in the day, it's only really /vr/ and /wsg/ that I use now

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I just ordered 10 CF + IDE to CF adapters because I didnt want to shell out 80 euros for an old ass HDD for my 386 and hope it gets here in a working state. Hope the CF works.

I also have a couple Disk on Modules I was hype to try but they dont boot and I dont know the bios parameters for them if theres any at all.

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I used to steal RAM from my dad's computer as a kid. I didnt know much about PC building yet so once I disconnected the floppy I didnt remeber where it went and left it like that hoping he didnt notice, my father never fixed it. He's still getting floppy error at boot 15 years or so later and his PC was running on like 120MB ram

Also I needed to install this pokemon trading card game on the PIII and I needed more space I was short of a giga or so so I saw C:\WINDOWS was huge so I deleted the folder to free up space for it.

I have an unealthy obsession with 486s and Im frantically trying to get that kids bedroom feel back but Im accepting its not coming back and I find comfort in hoarding.

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>500GB HDD

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I really like this thread. I also remember being a kid and hearing about all this on the news and being weirded the hell out.

I was a Nintoddler myself, but my sisters wanted Sega because they were older and edgy.

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