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So, ah, I was dragged along to a retro arcade bar the other night that opened 6 months, /vr/

>independent business
in the CBD area
>live in a city of 3000,000 people
>50ish machines
>domestic and international tap beers were reasonable price
>mostly 90's arcade machines like mortal kombat 3, point blanc, time crisis, etc
>15 or so pinball machines, some old school like terminator, g'n'r, etc but also avengers and game of thrones pinball licensed pinball machines
>5 crt 60 inch televisions playing playing mario cart 64
>quite a lot of people there; including 18/19 year old dudes and cuties
>bar staff are all (and some hot) heavily black haired; tattooed and pierced chicks

I've read a accounts of these types of establishments cropping up in America and the UK in the last 5 years.

I guess my question is how long will this establishment last before people lose interest and the bar has to close from lack of profit? :(

Only because it always seems to happen.

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