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get tactical
skip the revenants until you're almost done with the map, clear the way to the exit.
Go back and set them loose, lead them around to scatter them, and double back to go get your rocket launcher.
Certainly you can take out grouped revenants with an RL
And any that you dont feel happy facing, just leave them behind
GASP! How dare someone suggest getting less than 100% kills, and worse, purposefully leaving monsters behind to sputter about
But that just means you have more ammo, and health for the next map. The Exit Zone is the goal of the map right?
if you want 100% kills let the archvile resurrect the chaingunner alot, then it makes up for it.

You need to try Plutonia 2
And pistol start one of the maps 14-17
Especially "predatorium"

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Except for some Episode 3 maps I remember fondly, I havent played Vanilla maps in years.

Usually its a trip to Plutonia 2 or BTSX (and for P2 I usually warp right to Map 20 to amp everything up to the max).

I give the pistol 36 rounds instead of 50. Y'know, to encourage you to really go find that first shotgun. Or actually have to use your fist in desperation.

Yes the map balance is an issue for mods, ive got a Cyber that spits a giant bowser-level fireball out of his mouth and since thats at 86 pix height it means he can still attack sometimes despite being barred and gated away to look menacing.

> Also I put the Aracnorb Queen in as the Spider Mastermind, and guess what, that means it really gets up and boogies around not just staying in its little area.
> mfw PL2 Lingering Fear turns out to be an open area fire zone for the ArQ sitting at the end map teleporter, complete with its seeking bfg missiles.

I think an intelligent modder can take that into account and say - welp I remember the days of Nintendo Hard and difficulty could spike out of nowhere and they just didnt care.

So a modder can justify having some stuff that is a little bit unbalanced, for the fact that their weapon drops are random or monsters can do fucked up things.

Also gives a reason NOT to play Nightmare and just go with UV, since the difficulty can be programmed into the critters and other "problems" inherently.

Q4 grenade explosion is a rich, meaty bass slam kinda like a better version of the Q3 explosion. When the Cyber is baring down on you it almost feels scary hearing that.


Or the legion of Archviles that are constantly following 2 maps behind your character resurrecting everything that you killed.

Sometimes you run into them:

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