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>im a giant nigger faggot

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u seem mad - did a jrpg molest you as a child?

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>spending your life caring about what other people do in their free time

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Because the internet killed /b/ culture which itself had already killed multiple boards, including /v/, with shitposting dickheads. They just won the numbers game, and now being on /v/ is about being an elitist asshole over being objective, because debating about games you've never played but heavily researched on youtube is far more satisfying than actually playing it and giving your own subjective opinion open to criticism apparently

That's a lot of 4chan really, replace "gaming" and "play" with appropriate terms and it certainly applies on some board. We're a frail bunch, aren't we?

Seriously, go to >>>/soc/ and just try to act like this is the same website frequented by the same people it was not even five years ago

Most of them left

>80s kids are considered millenials

So, do you understand what retro is, and how it relates to the progression of technology?

I'll just say it and see who bothers to connect the dots: Retro is a discription for new things, this can all be solved by ditching the retardedly contradictory "retro" term (as it's reference to style and not age) and adopting the much more sensible "classic" moniker.

You see, this is where the cutoff logic fails. If that were the case, someone can be the ultimate elitist and claim the only good retro game was spacewar and that you're all "plebs with cheap marketing slogans" or whatever.

People specifically called 2600 games "retro games" back in the day, and it still rings true. Only the consoles they'd never call retro at the time are now. You follow?

Maybe that means there's a spectrum, and I'm not just talking about autism

>muh polls

You fagtards realise that they're only indicative of the people that bothered reading through this shitstorm right? What a waste of time

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>using sage as downvote

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