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Which is the most active of the modding communities aside from UT99, DOOM and Quake: Thief, Elder Scrolls, System Shock, or Build Engine?

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Blood but on the ECS(Enhanced Chipset) Amgias like the 1200 and CD32. Hey, they eventually did it with DOOM 1 and 2.

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How's this for an idea for a Thief Gold mod and fan mission: most of the characters and backgrounds, including Garrett have been re-skinned to be resemble either Legend of Zelda: OOT or BOTW. There are still explosives, but either way the FM goes, it mixes Thief 1 elements with either of the Zelda games. An Ocarina of Time based mod adds several new enemies and new text dialogue from select characters, while a BOTW-based FM would have major overhauls in the behavior of ranged and most melee weapons(with the addition of a repair skill somewhat similar to what System Shock 2 has), include a new day/night system where time passes in-game literally unless if you pause, a cooking mechanic to make food and elixirs, and have the moon change phases over the nights along with New Moons that trigger most non-boss enemies to resurrect.

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I wonder what would have happened if this game had been planned to be ported to both the PS1 and Dreamcast? the PS1 already has a mouse; just have the PS1 port be bundled with a special keyboard.

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