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Hard to dispute this.

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How do you learn repairing and maintaining retro tech? Most people with great collections and expert level experience are in poor health and over 50 and probably won't be around for much longer. I consider myself good at fixing things but I'm not confident I can fix a non responding CRT from Philips from the 80s.

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EuroPoor: Zed Ex SPEKdrum
USAChads: CoModeDoor 64
The correct way to say Commodore in the USA was to make it sound like Co mode. Like a slang term for the toilet.

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>Thief Gold or Thief 2?
The Dark Project
>Dark Project or Gold?
The Dark Project
>Was reducing the fantasy elements in favor of a more grounded setting for Thief 2 a good move?
Yeah probably, but only because Thief 1 did the fantasy stuff so well. It was nice to have a more human-focused sequel after experiencing all the fantasy horror of T1.
>Is the Thieves Guild mission really that bad?
It's pretty bad. But really the worst part is that Gold places it only a few missions into the game, which is a very steep spike in difficulty for new players, pretty retarded move honestly.
>Is Karras's voice really that grating?
Na I love it. His creepy elderly gay man voice sells what a weirdo he is.
>Were the Hammerites right all along?
I'd say they were more trustworthy than the Pagans and possibly even the Keepers after what happens in Thief 3. They're a bunch of dull zealots who lock up and torture innocent citizens for no reason, but so does the City Watch. They do build cool shit, and really their only genuine threat to the City was with the Mechanist split. Without the other factions to keep them in check, no doubt they'd run wild with power, but you can say the same about any other faction.
>Top 3 TG/T2 missions?

Thief 1 in no order:
Down in the Bonehoard
Assassins or The Sword
Return to the Cathedral
Special mention to The Lost City

Thief 2:
It's honestly impossible for me to whittle down my favourites because there's so many good missions in Thief 2. I just hate the ones set in the open city areas and Sabotage at Soulforge. That last level is actually pretty good, but by the end of Thief 2 I just can never be bothered.

>Should there be a revival of the series through remasters/remakes/sequels or should they let it rest in peace?
Let it rest in peace. The reboot was gay and Dishonored is probably closest to what a decent modern version of Thief would look like. I hope Nightdive doesn't do a shitty remaster of T1 and 2 one day, that would suck.

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Replaying Thief 3 at the moment. The jerky movement makes me want to throw up sometimes, it feels like you're playing a first person mod for GTA or something. The Keeper Library is also fucking boring, least interesting faction by far. Like I give a shit about glyphs. Other than that, I'm enjoying it just alright. The Sneaky Upgrade that removes the loading zones is nice, and a lot of the lighting and shadows have held up really nicely.

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I honestly never give a fuck about readables. I skim them mostly and forget them the second I close them out. I feel like I've read so many of these things they're all the same. It doesn't even feel like I'm snooping in on someones shit rather the level designer trying to put in information while also giving it the thinnest layer of story to hide it. Or they're trying to worldbuild the level with shit I don't really care about. It's the same thing with horror game readables.

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What FM are you playing? Are you making your own? What's the last thing you stole, you taffers?

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcQnv26bcjY

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I can't decide if I want to replay this or give the first System Shock a chance. SS just isn't pulling me the way Thief always did, but Thief didn't grab me at first so maybe there's hope for SS. What do you Thief anon's think?

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8 days until the T2 20th anniversary missions get released.

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The reboot isn't even good on a technical level.

Thief 1, clearly.

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