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I have to say...after E5M8 was over and I stepped through the portal, and I saw the ending credits, I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of "...Huh? That was it?"

I wish E5M7 was not released. The rest of the maps ranged from good to pretty cool, but E5M7 holy fuck that was bad.

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>people who think segemented runs are to allow you to go for dinner or take pee breaks or whatever

that said i get pissy at people who think a game breaking glitch being found in a 20 year old game makes the game bad. How about you pay for 20+ years of QA before releasing anything, faggot? It's a wonder it didn't fucking hard lock instead of letting you assign entire levels to buttons or whatever. It's a wonder of programming that all these old nintendo games don't just brick with how hard they get abused. NSA analysts would be jealous of the furvor of modern speedrunners' codebreaking skills.

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They been making japanese only iOS games

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