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8 year old kid makes Pac-Man go "berserk" (kill-screen) with one quarter on tv show Just Kidding November 22nd 1982. Learned to get over 3 million points from patterns in one day.


>1982 The Courier-Journal newspaper
>Paul Reynolds age 14 gets 3,157,000 on one quarter before game goes "berserk" (kill-screen)


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Billy's perfect Pac-Man score was being disputed on Twin Galaxies before he was banned.


Billy's perfect Pac-Man recording itself was non-continuous when at that time there was certainly VHS capable of recording 6 hours without switching tapes.

The performance itself was incomplete. The ending was never captured, so the exact total time was estimated somewhere between 5 to 6 hours.

There were no senior TG refs present, so video evidence can be the only acceptable verification method. This leaves no possible valid adjudication method.

There were live eyewitness accounts, and shown on tape, that TG rules for breaks were not followed, because he parked and hid Pac-Man more than what was allowed. Witnesses saw multiple breaks, enough to take note despite knowing nothing about the game.

Walter Day ignored all of the above (perhaps without even viewing the tapes) and allowed the score to stand and be entered into his TG database.


Twin Galaxies never existed between 1987 through 1998.
Twin Galaxies never tracked 80's WR scores in Japan.
The very definition of what constitutes a "perfect Pacman"...5+1 settings and 3,333,360 points...did not even exist until early 1999.
In 1999 at Funspot Rick Fothergill achieved a then-record of 3,333,270 using 5+1 settings, dying once thus coming shy by 90 points.
Assume most kids in the 80s would not be allowed to mess with dip switches to play with 5 men at arcades.

In 1982 8 year old kid (who doesn't like the game) gets to the kill screen on tv show.

>pic of 10th grader (who doesn't even like the game) gets over 3 million points on one quarter.

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Billy sets a "perfect Pac-man" score one 5+1 settings, which at that time, were NOT the TG settings for the game. The TG of that time, changed the settings from 3+1 to 5+1 and allowed Billy to self proclaim to be the Video Game Player of the Century.

Even if another player had beaten Billy to the perfect 5+1, would TG have changed the track rules for them? If they were going to change it at all, it should have been announced on the web site, so every player had an opportunity to do it. Not just Billy.

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>In 1982 a 14 year old named Ricky Mori became somewhat of a household name in the San Francisco Bay Area when he played 4 1/2 hours straight on Pac-Man machine making the game quit at 3,171,000 points


Bill Bastable got a perfect pac-man on September 2, 1988

Chris Ayra taught Bill Bastable about how to get a perfect pac-man by finding the invisible dots at the split screen.
There are witness from the 80's that claim Chris Ayra was "Actually the First One to get a Perfect Pac Man, At Grand Prix Race 'O' Rama" and that "Chris Ayra is a Better Pac Man Player over all"


"Chris Ayra is better at pac-man than billy"

Silly Bitchell's perfect pac-man is now under dispute at Twin Galaxies

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