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Wellspring of evil
spring.zip (102 KB, 2005-01-18) - Robert Whitaker

your mission, to rid the planet's water supply of hellspawn before they can corrupt it. it would have been nice if they'd given you some weapons to help with this, the start of the map has you in short supply, pistolling demons. although it gives you plasma, there's not enough to deal with the horde of cacodemons that inhabit the central area, the wellspring of title.

so you tend to run away and stay in the outer circle, missing the switch to lower the yellow key at the top of the spring (because it's hard to get up there with the awkward stairs and cacodemons), but you get the yellow key anyway because it's very easy to bump it. either way you are likely left wondering what the switch is for.

the yellow door leads to three places, a grey corridor of storage places, a dark set of tunnels and a teleporter atop a pyramid. the storage corridor leads to the middle level (of three) of the invulnerability room, i think you're supposed to go through the dark tunnels to reach the top level where the red key is, but you can get up on the ledge and skip the tunnels.

with the red key you teleport to a caged area whose exit is a bit hidden (you must shoot a box with no obvious reason to do so) to reveal another teleporter (and shoot the wall behind for a photograph, likely of the author). the teleporter leads to an ambush and two more teleporters, back to the pyramid, and the exit. note the latter is behind a lift whose activation switch is single use, so don't lock yourself out.

map had potential for an exploration mission but questionable progression and unhelpful ammo distribution left it disappointing.

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