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I was gone from /vr/ for 3 or 4 days and I come back to this? How the hell did all this shit go down? Dud it begin with an announcement thread or did someone just suddenly notice that the sticky had been updated?

I hope someone in this thread can catch me up to speed, maybe even point me to whatever thread was ground zero for the change (if there was a main one and not just an explosion of new threads all at once).

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>Protagonist and one of the antagonists are related.
>Said antagonist turns good in the end.

It's basically just Star Wars.

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The absolute state of /vr/

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Says the one who is too autistic to realize that what he said was literally false. There were no links to ROM sites in the sticky. There is no reason to think that emulation wiki would link to illegal sites, but that's irrelevant because THERE ARE NO ROM SITES IN THE STICKY.

Sperg harder.

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I'll give you $0 for that game anon.

Do you understand how numbers work yet?

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>All zelda games are overrated.

As we all know, overrated = I don't like this popular thing.

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>hur durr hur hur dur hur I get angry when I'm wrong durr

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>4 games
>Out of a total of 12
>Almost half

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>tfw you realize your probably autistic

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I appear to be retarded. How do I set players starting class in Doom Builder for Hexen?

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Alright, so literally "I was just pretending to be retarded".
Congrats, your impersonation of him is excellent, you fooled us all.

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I wish I was good at animation editing so I could remake this with Ranger and RAN5ER's faces.

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>CC - massively overrated mediocre game
>LoD - shit
>FF9 - shit
>Lunar 1 - shit


Why are crossposters so easy to identify? Is it the wanton negativity or the firm belief that if they don't like something it must not be good?

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Well yeah, but one might think it's worth $2 to have GOG make it "just work" and throw the remake in on top if it, then it doesn't work after all and I'm like, fuck

on an unrelated note which is the best goldbox to start with?

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I've just never emulated on a mac. I didn't even know of emulators for mac honestly. I'll give it a shot.

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I don't mind modern games and have a more than adequate separate setup for them. They all have such a niche fanbase. Just isn't the same playing shit online when you could have actual living people over. So many modern gamers don't wanna leave home and play in person.
>My nephews are the only people I actually play vidya games with in person.
I feel like an autist.
>Want a drinking buddy to play vidya with.

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mfw I meant to type virtualization not emulation...

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>the character fight the final boss on the topmost platform (or forefront if you're retarded)
>the shadow clearly indicates a horizontal plane facing the lightsource with the landscape also always having a topmost lightsource
If you don't instantly realize that it's a horizontal ship, then you are visually fucking retarded

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Gosh. No wonder people ignore tripfags. Not only you are an attention whore with the tripcode but you are also trying to bait with your "unpopular opinion".

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I confused component and composite by accident.

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I accidentally read composite.

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Ok guys, this is getting to big for me to handle. Somehow I was a total fucktard and didn't realize how fast the suggestions would come in. Let this topic die and I'll start another one with some good rules so that I can actually get this organized.

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I failed to figure out that you can stomp things with pressing down while jumping, so I beat around half a game without killing anything except bosses(with throwing rocks and eyeballs attack). It's pretty hard to avoid damage and preserve health, but it's actually a fun way to play this game. It's a shame that apparently it's impossible to beat it like this - I completely stuck before finding the frog friend and had to watch some random longplay and slap myself in the face.

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