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>doom babby """taste"""
jesus. it's AIDS even when it comes to music.

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>self-written smut fanfiction
the sheer irony of this post. I bet it's entirely lost upon your dim wits, too.

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>mary jane will never stop triggering the turbo spergs of 4chan
I love it.

Not retro, but the single greatest game I ever played stoned was GTA Vice City on PC. Friend and I used to take turns going on killing sprees and see who could last the longest. Have your own music playing over it while you play, too. We did some seriously artistic shit, the game was so rad and the guns felt ludicrously satisfying. That M4 was a real thing of beauty, so was the combat shotgun, even the katana was super fun.

To keep it retro, I'm gonna second Mario Kart 64 with friends, it's amazing. So is Super Smash Bros. Never played many retro games stoned as I was a kid back then.

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>You are wasting your time, and our patience.
I'm sure anon dreads those hefty monitor slaps you have prepared.

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