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FDA: http://temp-host.com/download.php?file=ym00zw

no engine/complevel stated but it appears not to use anything outside of vanilla, and doom2 complevel worked.

very, very tight on ammo. despite playing as conservatively as warranted by a first attempt, i ran out completely, twice. then there's a ton in the final couple of rooms which you don't particularly need.

architecture is okay, seems a bit messy but it does the job. some of the tunnels are excessively thin, there is a hellknight that seems to want to go round a corner but it can't, similarly the tunnel to the exit.

dark grey sky texture + castle bricks is very reminiscent of Requiem.

there are three copies of the music, two named D_E2M4 and a third D_RUNNIN which is inside PP_START/PP_END.

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