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dont know why i replied to myself.

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>tfw you're a pleb that enjoys project brutality

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>tfw the only mod i can play for extended periods of time and enjoy is smoothdoom

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>tfw almost all the megawads/maps from the doom quickstart are too hard for me
How do i git gud

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>tfw enjoy the gameplay, gunplay, look and feel of games like Blood, Duke3D, and Doom
>not very good at them, but still play Doom on UV and the others on the second highest difficulty
>usually die several dozen times on the more difficult levels
>refuse to save scum so I restart each time
>also so used to modern linear FPS that I get easily confused and turned around by the map layouts of these older games
>easily spend 5-10 minutes running around looking for a switch or keycard i might have missed on some of the bigger levels
>still have fun doing all of it

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