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>modem handshake
>people knew what baud was
>people knew the difference between kB and kb
>80 megabytes was an absurd amount of data
>Nutscrape Masturbator
>Inturdnet Exploder

I've been on and off the web since the mid-nineties. The first thing I downloaded... well, that'll be in the next post.

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Hey guys, remember when...

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I can find a LOT of my old internet activity online. No big deal, as I was largely easily irritated with people, but not allcaps rage bullshit, so it's not embarrassing. Though once I had one of my recent tech questions answered by a post I had made YEARS ago. Crazy.

I made the HOMEPAGE OF THE OLDTERNET. I should update it, but nobody else has webspace, and thus, cannot make their own oldternet pages so I can link to them. Feh.

Search for likely filenames or filename fragments, "index of", "last modified", "parent directory", and subtract shit like "free" and "cool" and other BS. You'll find shitloads of ROMs, MP3s, and other nice stuff sitting in abandoned college directories. Just remember that old DOS filename requirements are 8.3, and if it's a truncated name, it would be like Shinin~1.zip or something.

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Let's remember all the good times we had on the internet back in the good old days

Music related

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The pages on the archive load slower than they did when I used dialupternet.

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