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I can't like games released on a console I hate?
>Sure if you want it stretched out, moron.
Does the picture look stretched out to you?
>Unless you're an autistic virgin, no one notices framerate differences from either 30fps or 60fps.
You're blind if you don't notice the difference. Frame rate matters in games like this.
>Filthy casual confirmed.
Have you ever even used the controller? The analog stick rotates, my thumb always slips off of it, the triggers are too far down, and the buttons are mushy shit. The only good thing about the Dreamcast controller is the VMU.
>You obviously never owned a Dreamcast. I can think of something way louder, which is my surround sound system, which tends to drown out the sound from the "fan" that's keeping the Dreamcast cool. Even without it, I barely ever notice it. So unless you have super hearing, it's about as loud as a mouse running around in an empty church at night.
Good for you. I live with other people and I'm not an inconsiderate asshole, so I can't drown out the Dreamcast by cranking up a stereo.

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