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I think most people who dislike Mischief Makers' visuals is because of the art direction, not because it's not "the best pre render".
I think in terms of prerendering animations, this game looks pretty smooth.

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The colors are saturated by whoever made that .gif
It is believed that she's prerendered yes, but I could never find any confirmation. She looks like she could be traditional sprite too.

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Looks too round to be 5th gen polygons. Unless you can find the original 3d model you're claiming, I think it's a traditional 2D sprite.
An example of polygons on a 5th gen 2D game is the coffins on the save rooms from SOTN.

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fuck anon, my nostalgia is off the charts. i played this game so much as a kid and would just wall jump for what felt like hours. i beat it again a couple of months ago and fuck is it still challenging to this day.

these me back to when i used to play in the arcades. honestly, finding strangers to play co-op games with is a feeling you just can't recreate.

this scene made me feel fucking upset as a kid, though I never really knew why at the time. it still gets me to this day though.

thanks for the throwback, anons.

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My favorite platformer of all time. A or S ranked all levels and got every gold gem. I just think it provides so much for any player - like previously said, it can be as casual as you want, just fly through all the levels and beat the game, but the true fun is in 100% it or just going for those ranks. I guess because I speedrun I'm more inclined to speed oriented challenges but most of the levels are fun to speed through. Good fucking luck getting an S rank on the missile level, took me a good hour to get that. I just think the controls, mechanics, graphics, and music work together perfectly. I'm soon gonna be importing Treasure's other 2D 60fps N64 game Bangai-O and I'm sure it'll be fun too.

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Favorite platformer.

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Well, again, try playing the games you're trying to discuss at least.

Pic related is a closed up gif of Marina's sprite. Where are the polygons? I don't see any, legs or otherwise, looks like a traditional 2D sprite to me.

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The MM IP belongs to Enix, which sadly has merged with Square.
Nintendo published Mischief Makers in america, Enix originally in Japan.

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uhhh? Yoshi Story? Mischief Maker?
You should use google before you shitpost.

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All of my money for Marina and Blockman mini-game.

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