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Yay I found my old list (sorry for the thumbnail, btw)

>Must Play - Any person who want to call himself a Doomfag must play this in its entirety, at least ONCE

>Alien Vendetta
>Hell Revealed 1 and 2
>Memento Mori
>Knee-Deep in ZDoom
>Legacy of Suffering

>Modern mods/WADS - Stuff that pushes modern ports capabilities to the max

>WolfenDoom - Spear Revisited
>Winter's Fury
>Russian Overkill
>Back to Saturn X


>Doom64 Absolution (not really sure if that's the best D64 port for the PC, as far as I know, there's two, right?
>PSX Doom (I've finally found a TC, might put it in the next post)
>Megaman 8bit Deathmatch
>Action Doom 1 and 2

>The fuck is this? - You'll spend more time trying to comprehend this shit rather than playing it

>The Sky May Be
>Aeons of Death


>Ghoul's Forest
>Happy Time Circus 1 and 2

>Ragemakers - Testing your patience, one WAD at the time

>Speed Of Doom
>The Eye

>Joke/Fun WADS - Not everything in life is srs bsns

>Mock 2
>Turbocharged Arcade!
>Imp Encounter
>Grezzo 2

>Oldies but goodies - Time to recognize the classics


>Multiplayer WADS - Rippin and tearing for everyone

>Any 32in24, 32in24-12
>Zandronum in general
>DWANGO maps
>??? (a CTF wad is needed)

Recommended stuff

>Jimmy's Jukebox
>Ketchup Gore mod

Feel free to suggest me more maps to fill the "???" spaces in some sections, and feel free of course to mix it with the current one

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