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>it is impossible to have played 20 RPGs in the past 30 years

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>playing a JRPG when you don't like grinding

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>the game forcing you to backtrack to the same area over and over again is "comfy"
>the game wasting your time with boring busywork is "comfy"

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>Right looks like fetish fuel
Because it is a fetish image being compare to regular fanart.

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>searching for vore on google video

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Why don't they re-release Mega Man X 3? For $100 it would be a steal.

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>tfw played Scourge and thought it perfectly understood what made the original Quake so good and made it even better

Sometimes it's just amazing how polarized opinions can be.

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>Sequel improves the controls, has better maps, deeper mechanics, better soundtrack, more interesting enemies, better graphics. Adds features the original was too limited to include. Fixes common complains and bad decisions. Essentially an improvement in every way.
>But the first game did this one thing different, so that makes it better, right?
Every time.

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>no NBA Jam

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What's a fair price on a SNES? I ask because the place I go to to buy games has a SNES on sale for $60.

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no, but my dad is

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