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Has anyone actually checked these numbers? I've always kind of taken this anon at their word.

Does Doomguy really run at ~92 km/h ?

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It may not look speedy but Doom guy is one fast motherfucker in it.

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this strong

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Would sbrightmaps work with smooth doom?

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Refer to this image.

That's pretty true. Look at /fit/, they have absolutely no cardio, fucking worthless.

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>Slow paced

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Deimos isn't very large, and it's less round, like our moon, and more like a large jagged rock.
(Phobos is a lot like a potato in shape)

>far too small for the levels to actually fit on it, but thats another issue
Really? I never thought about it, but I'd say most of the levels aren't much larger than a public school or a prison compound.

How many of those could you fit on Deimos? Prisons/Schools I mean?

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>but this doesn't make the ACTUAL game fast
Doomguy can outrun a fucking lion, your argument is invalid.

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No. They can summon fire with their devil magicks, or they can raise dead monsters.

They're faster than Kenyans, so they can easily catch up to you. Of course, Doomguy is insanely fast too, so you can use that to your advantage, if you run.

They'll switch targets immediately if they're attacked though, so that can be salvation at the last minute.

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Maybe. I'll have to mull it over.

>Hasn't been quite done to death yet.

Cmon man, zdoom/custom features are not so bad and while they're timless I think the current monster set wont be worse off if they're used a bit less sometimes in favor of others.

Except the rocket zombie, seriously he can disappear forever.

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