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The damaging floor was left over from a little experiment before I turned it into a teleport destination. With the cyberdemon targetting the monster, I wanted that to be an option to avoid fighting the cyber himself; however, I have now added more enemies to that initial chamber as well as adding more monster closets to the final area because it's just not a final encounter unless you're being completely overwhelmed.

Finally, gaps aren't supposed to be hard to get across. I made them easy to get across on purpose.

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Trying to get another game together for Internal Conflict. This game gets crazy fun when there's a lot of people playing it.

>Hostname: /vr/ Team LMS Demon Dogpile! (Internal Conflict
>Password: there is no password
No really, there's no password.

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I've got another Team LMS Internal Conflict server up; this one has no password since a lot of good pubs have been joining recently, that and you guys are sometimes slow to start filling in.
>Internal Conflict - Where you play as the monsters of Doom 2 and try to kill those other demony fucks; but since it's TLMS, you won't kill everybody.
>Every class has 3 weapons: 1st one is free, 2nd one recharges moderately fast (depending on class), and the 3rd is your "super" which fucks anything and everything up.
>Each class also has an alt-fire for a special function (Mancubi use stamina to undulate fast as shit, zombiemen put down fat damage landmines, Revenant/Hell Knight melee).

Come on in and join the fun.
>Hostname: Dewce's Demon Dogpile (Internal Conflict)
I promise not to start as a Zombieman.

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Hosting Team LMS with Internal Conflict.
Hostname: "/vr/ Demon Dogpile!"
Password: vidya
Come on in and play some Team LMS.

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First for the fatso having enough of your bullshit

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