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Favorite console since the year it was released. I had a resurgence of interest in the console the past few years after I found mine in storage. It is the only console I "collect" for.

It was SEGA going full throttle, their last stand, betting it all. They had some seriously talented development during them couple of years. There is also a sense of, what could have been. All the forward thinking with the console. The modem standard and my first experience playing a MMO online. Browsing the 56k net from the comfort of my couch. The hours of the multiple fighters I practiced at over and over with the official arcade stick before going to the local arcade to go head to head with friends and strangers. The story telling and production value never seen before, Shenmue. Though the Sonic games get knocked now I had fun with both Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Had 4 player weekend nights with Sonic Shuffle or Power Stone 2.
I will never forget it.

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