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When you emulate arcade beat'em ups, how do you play them?
Besides the normal "coin-feed through the entire game with some friends", I mean?
Trying to 1cc most beat'em ups is too much of a chore, especially since early stages are often very long and then there's an extremely sharp difficulty spike. Just like shmups, but the first couple of stages can take 5-10 minutes to beat, so trying to elarns omething ons tage 3 is a chore.

Some fo the shit I've been doing, including multiplayer with friends, is:
- Everyone takes one coin when beating the stage; out of coins = game over.
- 1cc every stage and save at the beginning of each new stage. Just replay the stage until I can beat it without paying.
- Use three coins max per game, like many console port did with the continue system. Three lives per coin. If the game doesn't have a life system of any sort, then 3x3=9 coins.
- Everyone takes, like, 50 coins. The one to have the most coins at the end of the game wins. but that only works in multiplayer.

How do you make arcade beat'em ups challenging?
In b4 some absolute simpleton with no reading comprehension writes "play however you like omg haha just enjoy the game haha dude".

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