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Saturn and PSP versions of SotN let you play as a woman.

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I think the SOTN version included on Dracula X Chronicles is better than the original.
Some people complain about the new english voice acting, but honestly I think both old and new english VA is bad, at least the PSP version gives the option to select japanese audio and, along with the new, better retranslated script, I think it makes for the best version in that regard. I know some people grew fond of the old, corny english VA because of the "what is a man" meme and what not, but nothing beats Wakamoto's dracula.
It also includes the extra familiars from the japanese version along with their voice clips and in the Fairy's case (not to be confused with the Fairie), a nice vocal song called Nocturne.
Then there's the Maria mode, and while she was also playable on the Saturn version, Maria is so much better on the PSP, she uses her moveset from Rondo of Blood, has new animations for the clash attacks with the animals and she's also really fast.

The only downside is maybe having to play on a smaller screen (even if you hook up the PSP to a CRT, the image will be reduced), and the aspect ratio is slightly wider than on the PS1 (no big deal, it doesn't really look bad, almost the same as on the Saturn version).
PSP also lacks R2 and L2 buttons, so sometimes you have to keep remapping actions to L and R, although I just went with L for wolf, R for bat and L+R for mist, no big problem.

Last but not least, I also never liked "I am the Wind" as the ending song.
I know it's cool that they used a sort of unexpected pop ballad song instead of something that sounds more Castlevania-ish, but I honetly like the new piece Yamane composed for the ending of PSP SOTN (which is NOT the Lament of innocence track that was used on the PSN/XBLA version, this one was a new track called Mournful Serenade, composed specifically for this PSP version, as far as I know).


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