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I'm always here for the Doom threads but I still seriously played Marathon 1 & 2 before getting into Doom. Even working on a map for Doom right now....

As for Marathon 1, 2 and Infinity I really appreciated the story, even then Marathon was a nice pleasant "Fuck you" to all the people who threw their hands up and said a videogame could not tell a story. Durandal was a cool dude indeed and it felt cool as a player to be going on a sort of adventure with him fucking up alien bad guys.

I've played most of the big ticket marathon fan levelsets. One level in particular of Marathon EVIL I found to be fucking amazing, even to this day.

There is some crashed space ship at the bottom of a lake and you have to swim down to it, find the airlock, fight your way in and then get to a savepoint.
Fucking kick ass I have to say.

I even still have the marathon CD which doubles as a music CD

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Heh, Samsara is not really trying to be srs canon though and it's always sort of up in the air. Like it does not definitively say "this character is always the best here and everywhere!".

Plus as a side note I think all the fans who like the characters in Samsara all get along well enough anyway.
Except butthurt Marathon players, yeah I went there.
They always take this bait

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>Showing a picture of John Romero, calling him John Carmack, referring to him as the creator of the "GZDoom Zandronum Brutal Doom" Terrorism Simulator.

and then they have a picture of the security officer from marathon as "the doom guy"

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i've played all the build games but i've always got time for a marathon bro

hell, i played marathon before i played doom (Though im a doomer at heart) and have played heaps of addons for marathon as well, great game
i see your point though and you're right

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>playing marathon on the mac

I still have the CD's.
I've played all the marathon games, they were always fun to me but I've since gone to DooM now and play community projects for that.

Did you ever try marathon mods? I got Aleph One and went through heaps of them, I really liked Marathon Rubicon.

>that image

I know what level that is, those monsters dont appear in that spot in the main game.

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