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Was kinda surprised that people found the car segments so hard. Shit I think Toy Story was one of the first games I beat as a kid.

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>Not a lot. My first video pretty much gave the extent of everything.

Ah that's ok I guess. If I have one piece of advice I'd say do what you want to do and not worry about what's popular or not. There are already a shitload of reviewers out there trying to be the next Jontron or AVGN so while it may seem like it could help you get views borrowing elements from some of the stuff they've done in reality is just makes you fall in line with the crowd of the thousands of other people who do it.

>When I moved to the United States it was a huge culture shock.

Now this actually seems like a really cool subject that could give insight about culture in America to those of us who lived here our entire life that we may not have noticed. If you feel like you'd gain enjoyment out of this I'd really love to see some content based on that even if it isn't related to video games.

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>What's fun about those Saturn ports is that they make Quake and Duke Nukem 3D share the same engine

I have no clue why I never made that connection despite knowing who handled the ports. Shame that engine never got used by anyone.

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Either you've been living under a rock or you don't care about retro FPS games if you never heard of this. No worries though instead of getting upset about it you can just accept that it's impossible to be into every single aspect of a hobby and move onto something else.

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My older brother and sister have kids but I've read too many horror stories about niceses and nephews breaking other people's consoles/games to let them near mine for about another six or seven years.

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