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like literally whutdafug

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You can pry the palette out of it if you like, even a zip program can collect the .lmp files from it, slade has no problem opening it since thats what I use. As far as permission, go right ahead.

The main thing the palette does is introduce teal-blues while still keeping dark blues saturated, and also provides more transition colors in the orange band for yellow and red to make better explosions and muzzle flashes
> it also makes the color tone of the duke3d explosion look about like it does in duke3d
Pink looks quite abit more pink too

There's also a few colors that became Slate/Grayish Blue, although its not that useful in practice - it allows some presence of those colors. I wanted to drop some more colors for this but there's just too many textures in wads to achieve this (plus with GZ being truecolor these days).

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