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Final Fantasy V Ancient Cave is pretty good. The hack adds a 99-floor dungeon with (mostly) random loot. The jobs and equipment you have to work with are all up to the RNG. It works out well since there's a million ways to break Final Fantasy V. It's hard to find yourself in an unwinnable situation.

It's a Japanese hack, but it has an English patch. Unfortunately the English patch doesn't translate the hack's readme file, which explains how to access the dungeon and what the various options in the first room do. As far as I know the only place that explains all this in English is some random GameFAQs thread. So for the sake of making things easy here's a zip file with a prepatched rom and all the relevant info from that thread:

You'll also want to use that srm file so you can start out in front of the dungeon. Otherwise you would need to play up to world 3 to access it.

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