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Workin on some tweaks and balances to shit. Wave buster now requires a single bullet gem to fire, and now also builds a new heat gauge, sub shots do the same with varying degrees of heat build up. On the plus side I am buffing a few sub shots because of this, the heat beam is going to become stronk once more, on the flip side that it builds up like a motherfucker. Same thing the destroyer of worlds in webm related.

I've also nerfed the Thunderbuss. I looked at the damage values and suddenly I understand why it was so broken, the pellets of the thunderbuss were doing DOUBLE the damage of the mourning star. I fucked up. As a compromise I've buffed the value of shell-tier ammo gems a little, though you don't get as much ammo from killing monsters with the sword and saw glove.

I'm gonna buff the Bonelord soon and give him a fun surprise for his mortar.

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