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I prefer the potato version

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>mfw go back to a map after a month, edit one or two linedefs and then drop it for another month

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Y'know, at least the Brutal Doom fag tend to JUST use Brutal Doom, and not shit it up with a thousand fucking modifiers.

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I'm getting kinda bummed out at how slow I am on making one single, relatively small map. I want to keep working on it but discouraged by how long it's been taking. Anyone have any tips on how I might be able to speed up progress, even a little bit?

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>Run PSX Doom on software rendering
>Darkness everywhere
>Keep forgetting I'm not playing Doom 3
>No way to increase draw distance, sector lighting, etc.
>Weird map properties prevent me from running it in GZDoom because toaster computer won't let me run latest build
>QZDoom crashes in ZDL with no error log
What do I do, friends? I'm kinds SOL here.

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