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>Street Fighter V is the first Street Fighter game not being released in arcades

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>Now that I've hit 30 how do i find people who are still into retro games like me to play them with

You don't, unfortunately.

As a kid I usually ONLY played games if they were multiplayer. As an adult I've had to learn to enjoy single player games. But even though I've found some great ones, it's just not the same most of the time so I don't play games as much as I used to anymore. I'd guess you're in the same boat.

>My wife hates this shit but doesn't mind me taking a day or 2 a week to do it.

Females that tolerate gaming hobbies are rare as bigfoot sightings. But that's to be expected.

Yeah, old school gaming was a much bigger thing in the early years of emulation. Now we're over a decade and a half past when emulation started and there's just not many people into anymore. And the old hardware is difficult to find in working order and some games don't even work on modern style TVs. Our hobby is RAPIDLY becoming obsolete and creeping toward extinction.

>mfw reading the rest of this thread

fuuuuuck this thread is depressing.

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No Breath of Fire II on this list.

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I always hated the color palette after you cleared the special stages.

I just played on a new file after I did that.

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>mfw Tails steals my fucking air bubble

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I didn't even know.

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