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Ok so hear this one.
I had my nephew over for lunch today and after lunch I take him to my computer to let him play Doom for the first time and I was sure he would be like 'wow super cool'.
Ok so I boot up the game and as soon as he sees the background picture and then the red menus with the skull with flashing red eyes he starts whining and then downright crying because he doesnt like games like this he only likes Angry Birds and Super Mario and stupid cartoonish games he plays on his father's tablet.
Now, my fucking nephew is almost fucking 12 years old.
What the fuck.
Isnt that enough of an age to start moving away from childish shit like Mario?
Holy fucking shit.
Im 26 years old (was born january '89) and I played Doom in 1995 when I didnt even know english I only knew what to type on the DOS prompt to start the game.
Im so fucking depressed now.
How could my own fucking sister raise such a fucking colossal no balls pussy faggot of a kid like this?
And the bitch once he (obviously) told her about this bashed me because I showed him 'scary games about killing that will make him have bad dreams at night'.
For fuck sake I didnt even manage to start the fucking game.

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my sides

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holy shit i am an idiot.
the red key was right fucking there its just the only single fucking time i have never bothered to look around to see what was behind me.
i feel ashamed.

>playing doom with anything but linear texture filter

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playing scythe X with weapons of saturn and a gore mod and in the fucking level with the cyberdemon the bars locking the way dont come up after you killed him.
I know for a fucking fact after hes ded the bars should come up and let you go through.
what the fuck is wrong with this shite.

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I need to crop/edit this to fit that format or something.

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