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Looool, I barely even saw that guy but I always heard about his exploits.
I think there was a thread on /fit/ where a mod came in and was like "excuse me, but you do not meet the minimum height or attractiveness requirements to post on this website", hilarity ensued.

I just know he's not a midget, unless all the other marines are midgets too.
He does not look like a shortass in any media of him (doomcomics included).

Since he's sort of an everyman 6ft seems pretty reasonable, that's a very average height to be.

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I see, it's very well done.
The only thing I'd really say stands out is doomguys helmet looks a bit different but it's still clearly recognizable as doomguy (that said it seems to be accepted there are different looking helmets he's drawn with). Also maybe make his armor a bit lighter.


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In cousin's computer.

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I like Doom

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Controversial games thread.

Post a game and explain why it was/is controversial.

>Blamed for the columbine massacre.

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i want some retro motherfucking games that are good to play on the keyboard. My notebook is crap and a can't afford a mouse.

Pic related.

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What version should I play?

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