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It must be my age, but I've got a huge soft spot for the Lost World games. The Genesis and Game Gear ones are very underplayed, I think. Check them out.
I've always hoped that this would, somehow, make it onto the Dreamcast. Definitely an all-time favorite light gun game, even if it's been a decade or more since I've ready had the chance to play it.
I played this one a ton, too. A lot of the stupid voice clips will be engraved in my head forever.
>I-I suppose..
>Didn't I die? In the movie, I died.
I'll never forget how mad my brother got at me, once, when I ate the dog at the gas station for a few measly health points.
This one was the king of them all, though, in my mind. I had a frankly weird obsession with Trespasser for a couple years--something about the reputation of being horrible combined with actually being pretty fun, if sometimes very frustrating. My favorite level is the lab. I loved sneaking around the shipping crates avoiding the raptors, and then the incredible "oh, fuck" moment of the t-rex at the gate. Some of the modding stuff is very impressive, too--I spent hours using the level-building tools just to poke around and deconstruct stuff. Some choice voice lines in it, too.
>Dinosaur park! What a good idea.

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