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Why wouldn't you just put your mod's options inside it's own main menu options instead of having it in the already existing options menu with all the other existing shit, ensuring that it will need to be updated with every change so that all the options are still visible?
Having your own main menu option also makes mashing together mods easier.
>doing this has absolutely no fucking effect outside of the mod in question
Your mod will be broken with every different version of (G)ZDoom that has more or less options than menudef did in the version you developed your mod for. This will cause a lot of fuckery for the people trying to develop the port via bug reports. There's also the aforementioned benefits to putting your options in their own thing.

I'm sorry you seem to be so butthurt about this but maybe you should focus on coding things in a way that isn't terrible and spend less time whinging about an extra half hour of copy pasting menudef code.

Graf is still a faggot of the highest order, mind. Just so happens this isn't one of his exercises in faggotry.

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