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From someone better.

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Daggerfall sucks.

The cities are boring and lifeless, NPC's are just walking dolls who all have the same stock lines.

There are thousands of towns, but very little reason to visit any of them. They all just have the same stores, the same temples, the same guilds, and of course lots of empty houses.

There are thousands of dungeons, but exploring them is kind of boring. The combat is clunky, the treasures are mostly just the same "you found 50 gold!" or "you found some slightly better armor!" you see in every RPG. Or, occasionally you'll find a map that leads to a "secret" dungeon that's no more awesome than the dungeon you were just in. Yippee!

Oh, and did someone say "procedural generation"?

99% of the game's towns and dungeons were computer generated. Don't even expect a professional level of quality in the game's map design, you won't find it. The only people who like Daggerfall are poorfags who can't play Morrowind and Oblivion.

If I wanted to comb randomly generated dungeons for loot, I'd play Nethack, at least Nethack has a goal to look forward to.

If I wanted to explore gloomy labyrinths in 90's 3D, I'd download one of countless fan-made levels for Doom or Quake. At least those games have decent combat.

If I wanted to "roleplay" and create a story about my character in a single player game, I'd play Fallout. At least Fallout has unique NPC's and some neat dialogue trees.

If I wanted to experience the absolute worst of these three things, I'd play Daggerfall.

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