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>mfw the midi I submitted to that site is still the only song that they have from that game

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I love the Classic series, but I hate the X series.

I hate the X series because of its story and its art

The X series basically invalidates everything that happens in the Classic series. All the wars, all the losses, all the victories Mega Man and Proto Man achieved in the Classic series is rendered moot because the X series shows the world is going to go to hell anyway, Proto Man will be gone and Mega Man will turn into a self-doubting moron.

This is why I'm glad they don't reveal what happened between the classic and X series because it would make it worse.

I also dislike the art of the X series. Yes I know "Mega Man has goofy proportions" but fuck that, at least he's got a cute design. Every character in the X series is a furry with huge hands and a fucking bulky design, and the art style as a whole is offensive to me even when NOT compared to the Classic series artwork.

The X series may have great gameplay, but story and art-wise, I hate them.

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Yeah but it was awesome if you like Trouma.

I like Trauma....

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