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Can agree with that statement. RE fans are the worst, I am one. Can't talk about anything except shit on modern games and keep buying them anyway.

For my blogpost I want to talk about Resident Evil Outbreak though. This game was amazing (is). I know Xbox gets a lot of credit for popularizing console gaming, and I had one, but i spent far more time online in Socom, Resident Evil Outbreak, and Jak X Combat Racing for PS2. And the online was free!

The only problem was it has absolutely massacred by the technology at the time. To get between room load times of less than 13 seconds you had to buy a hard drive, and to communicate in the lobby afterwards you needed a USB keyboard. Of course hard drive people and DVD people had separate rooms. Aside from that the online wasn't so great. You can still play the game on the fan server, and people will be quick to point out how shit it is, but honestly it isn't THAT much worse than the real servers were.

Really though there hasn't been a game like this since, not even close. I am hoping with the success of REREmake and Zero (even though zero is shit) they will put out something similar, or at least throw together an HD Collection of the two games that already exist. Its not like they'd need to find their own online host again.

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