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>I used to enjoy jrpgs when I was younger but as I've grown older my tolerance for anime troupes has decreased. I still enjoy some series and games but overall I just don't enjoy the genre like I used to.
don't let superficial qualities determine what games you play. most retro-jrpgs are light on anime-isms, if you mean waifu dating sims/moe shit and cringe "senpai" dialogue. Back in the day that stuff didn't happen, it's more of an influence on modern games.

>Could anyone suggest me a good crpg to start with?
Nope, that shit is boring and dry, takes itself too seriously.

>Graphics and such don't matter to me, isometric or first person dungeon crawlers are fine as well.
Any of the Shiren games. I'm playing the vita release but there are plenty retro Shiren games that are decent.

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