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I do whatever I can to laugh it off, because I know that deep down it isn't much of a big deal, even if I'm emotionally invested in it. Don't feel ashamed for feeling sad or upset, you shouldn't be too hard on yourself, it's normal to feel stronger emotions the more we're engaged with something, out of all things in life that supposedly aren't important, our hobbies are certainly the most important. What you need to do is sit back and look at your options, you can try practicing by using save states or codes, either built into this particular video game you're playing, or by things like Game Genie, anything that allows you to practice sections you struggle with the most, so you can get good at it, I know some would call this sort of practice cheating, but I feel that you're just saving time as you can win in those parts you're good at whenever, you don't have anything to prove there, it's just a matter of time. I know it's a lot easier said that done, but try to keep yourself calm and put the controller down if you get stressed out, because from my experience we get worse when we aren't playing calmy, less concentrated. I believe in you, OP!

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Nowadays the concept of completion in video games is more widespread than ever before, with pretty much every single release, no matter what genre it's from, having tons of achievements/trophies for players to go after, making that percentage number go up and up until it reaches 100% and they can claim that they've completed what they are playing. Of course, completion isn't a modern concept though, and the idea that one could do more than simply reach the credits has been around for a long time, some say that you have to do it on the hardest setting, while others claim it has to be a 1CC, but the general consensus is more simple, collect everything that there is to collect.

What do you consider to be a 100% completion run? (Hard; 1CC; Collecting; Other).
Have you ever deliberately gone for 100% in a video game before? If so, which 100% run are you most proud of?
Did you ever give up on getting 100% on a video game? If so, what was your reason for doing so?
How do you perceive 100% completion as a concept? Do you find it worthwhile or just a waste? When do you go for one?

I personally try to do everything in the hardest setting, even if I'm not required to do so, and when I see that a 1CC is viable I'll also go for that too, but to me 100% really is about getting everything, unlocking anything that there is to unlock, mainly collectables, but also powerups and extra levels. I often go for 100% runs, and the one I'm most proud of if Spider-Man (2000/PS1) because of how difficult it is to unlock the Quick-Change suit. As for giving up, Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories (1999/PS1) because there's too much RNG involved in getting all of the cards. Anyways, I personally love to go for 100% when I enjoy what I'm playing, it adds to the experience and it's fun.

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I have no idea, but passwords to save progress felt quite soulful, especially when they'd spell out something fun. I've always loved the feeling of finally getting through a difficult section and writing down the password, it'd be interesting to know when exactly they died out, though it sounds like a hard thing to discover really.

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Well, there are different types of completion, with one of the most well known being the 100% completion, some would argue that's the only way you truly beat the game, but I think that's too much. When talking to most people out there, if you say that you've beat something, their understanding will be that you went from the beggining to the end in the default difficulty setting, that's it, and to me that counts as beating it, anything after that is a bonus that can be specified, like saying you've beat it on the hardest setting and/or 100%.

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